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Introducing Tesla’s new truck without advertising.

Tesla is not known for it’s advertising. They rather prove their points with elaborate stunts like shooting a car into space.  Soon, their first truck is due to be released. This truck has the most aerodynamic design, has every safety precaution there is and most likely the most comfortable truck ride to date. And let’s not forgot, fully electric.

To honour the way Tesla chooses to get attention, we concocted a new stunt. If this is the most safe and best designed truck ever, in theory it should survive everything. We’re not shooting this truck into space. But facing it off against the heaviest thunderstorms on earth.

Our fascination

As kids, we were both fascinated by it. Driving along thunderstorms in the distance, wondering if we were going to be struck by lightning. Luckily we were safe because dad told us we were surrounded by the car which is in a way a faraday cage. Seeing the thunderbolts jolting down from the dark sky was something frightening and fascinating at the same time.


A truck with a lightning rod strapped to it’s back. Capable of attracting lightning bolts to power it’s extra batteries endlessly. This truck will be unstoppable. Relying solely on the power of thunder and lightning. Which can (potentially) be captured and stored as the next form of renewable energy.

We’ll give the truck to the dauntless men from the popular Discovery Channel TV-Show Stormchasers. A show where fearless people drive into very big storms with specially made vehicles (faraday cages) to gather data and pictures of the eye of the storm.

Jesse Van Maanen - Thomas Van Driel _ Tesla Semi Truck - Stormchaser
Driver’s cabin with advanced technologies and a comfortable seating.
Tesla Semi Truck
Lightning rod
Fusion Coil
Tesla Coil
Power Converter
Grounding device

This approach firmly establishes the connection between tesla trucks and electric driving. And along the way, communicates all the features of these high-tech trucks. So the next time you’re in a thunderstorm, you might see a Tesla Truck blazing by.