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We turned HEMA’s price labels into read labels

The HEMA is a beloved dutch warehouse, known for their affordable pricing and their extended assortment. Recently they begon their next endeavour under the name of HEMA Foundation. Where they commit themselves every three years to another theme. In the upcoming years the theme will be low literacy.

What can HEMA do to reduce/bring attention to low literacy, we hear you think.

We created HEMA leeslabels (HEMA reading labels) where we turned pricing labels into reading labels. Effectively using all the products they already sell as an inclusive design oriented way to get people to read more, in an entertaining way. Studies of Stichting Lezen & Schrijven showed us that the only way to to learn is reading. By turning the products into possibilities to read, HEMA is not only attending to the problem, but also make a first step to reduce low literacy, word by word.

Label structure

By giving a single word, a story. The added context will help someone who has trouble with reading. The stories are written strategically and based on studies from Stichting Lezen & Schrijven. This means: using the right words, understandable sentence building and easy knowledgeable descriptions.

Because we believe everyone should be able to live comfortably, without limitations.